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Our Ingredients


Our Ingredients

We use natural, botanical, organic ingredients. Our products contain high proportions of active ingredients and many do not contain preservatives. Preservative is required for products that contain water. It is important to store skin products in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight.

Furthermore, we recommend using a spatula to use your product and keeping it away from water getting into the jars and bottles.

Inflammation is a known cause of premature skin ageing. Our anti-inflammatory skincare heals and protects.  

Did you know that inflammation is considered by scientists to be behind the visible signs of ageing as well as serious and common diseases? There are many causes of inflammation including air pollution, diet and lifestyle, dehydration due to lack of water, lack of sleep, smoking, stress etc. stress that cause free radicals in the skin that attack the DNA in body cells causing damage to the collagen making cells leading to visible signs of ageing: wrinkling and sagging.

Inflammation is normal body response to exercise or minor injury resulting in swelling and bruising which the body can fight naturally. However, the harmful chronic inflammation is caused by poor diet, pollution and stress that can linger for months and years.  Skin ageing and diseases have been linked by scientists to chronic inflammation.

What is anti-inflammatory skin care? Anti-inflammatory skincare products contain ingredients rich in anti-oxidants that reduce and also protect from the damage caused by inflammation. Oxidation is a normal chemical process in our bodies that produces unstable molecules called free radicals. This fatty acid dampens down inflammation in the skin cells and again helps to slow oxidative stress.

What can you do to reduce inflammation? Have a  diet that is rich in anti-oxidants - such as green leafy vegetables, orange coloured vegetable, carrots, peppers etc. get sufficient sleep and use skincare that contains anti oxidant ingredients such Organic House skincare.  

"Our skincare contains powerful active ingredients rich in anti-oxidants to heal and protect the skin." 

"Using natural and organic skincare doesn't mean compromising results. Nature itself has the antidote."

A lot of everyday brands use harmful or unnecessary chemicals to increase the volume of the end product or to increase the shelf as products are mass produced. Synthetic chemicals are also used to create products for anti-ageing or skin conditions. We believe that naturally derivedd ingredients can be effective address skin ageing and skin issues such as dryness or eczema whether age related or not.   

"Gourmet food for the skin. Make your skin glow naturally."

Organic House products are rich with high quality and organically produced ingredients that make a positive difference on the skin.

"Fragrance is like music; you could live without it but life is so much richer with it. We use only natural botanical fragrances."

We use only 100% pure essential oils for their therapeutic qualities and scent to enhance our products - no synthetic fragrances.

"Beautiful is healthy, glowing skin. Everyone can be beautiful."

Restorative We use only essential oils for fragrance and in the process, capture their therapeutic benefits.

Healing Natural, plant-based butters and oils help moisturise and sooth.

Anti-inflammatory Our products are anti-inflammatory, which means they will help combat skin irritations and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

Anti-pollution Pollution is one of the biggest causes of external disease and ageing and our special formulations work to protect the skin.

Cruelty-free Our range is vegan and only tested on humans.

Each Organic House product is packed with active ingredients and users will feel - and see - the benefits instantly. We believe nature has the antidote…


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