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Looking forward to the Spring

Looking forward to the Spring

18th Feb 2020

As nature moves slowly out of the depths of winter into the longer days with blue skies and sunshine we begin to feel that Spring is on its way.

Spring is a time of growth, renewal and regeneration. Bringing vigour to our days and routines. It can be a perfect time for new ideas to transform our lifestyle routines, eating habits, and outlook.

Once Spring arrives, it brings with it a lighter mood. It's time for a change to lighter clothes and colours, lighter, healthier food choices and a perfect time to take stock of our skincare routines that can go a little out of the window in the darker months.

We all look and feel so much better in the light and sunshine! The effects of winter can make our skins look grey and dull like the familiar skies of winter.

This is a great time to replenish the effects of the harsh weather with nourishing skincare, exercise, and diet. We at Organic House are proponents of eating well and treating skin kindly.

Here are our top 5 suggestions to help you put a spring in your step!


  1. Choose a colourful selection of fruits and vegetables
  2. Try to eat vegetables at every meal
  3. Add a form of protein to each meal
  4. Avoid processed foods
  5. Eat only when you are hungry


  1. Always cleanse your skin morning and evening. Dirt and pollution over the winter months can build up in the pores leading to pimples and dull-looking skin.
  2. Use multi-functional products such as Organic House Hot Cloth Cleanser that deep cleanses, balances the skin oils, soothes and moisturises the skin with the added benefit of nourishing and replenishing properties.
  3. Add a gentle skin exfoliating product to slough away dead surface skin to reveal healthy, glowing skin. Try adding a skin serum straight after cleansing.
  4. Use an oil skin serum straight after cleansing. Serums penetrate deeper into the skin and deliver nutrients far more efficiently than creams and lotions. Try Organic House Lift & Glow Facial Serum - all skin  types and ages will benefit.
  5. For an out-there idea; although not always practical, try something from your fridge as a natural face mask. For example mashed tomatoes for brightening the skin, yoghurt for clarifying the skin and mashed avocado for nourishing dry skin


  1. Get more sleep. It will do wonders for your looks, and provide you with more energy to get the most from your day.
  2. Switch off televisions and gadgets and spend more time in the real world. Our minds can become so cluttered being exposed to sounds and images. Clear your mind.
  3. Spending more time in nature can rouse feelings of well being whether it’s sitting in the garden or taking walks.
  4. Make a promise to change one thing that is meaningful to you then write down steps to achieve it.
  5. Review your Spring wardrobe. Are you inspired? If not perhaps you need to discard a few items that you haven’t worn in a while and add a few new ones.

No matter where you are in your life or how you are feeling. You can use the uplifting energy of the season of Spring to inspire you to make changes big or small to improve your health and lifestyle. 

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