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Light up your Day

Light up your Day

29th Mar 2021

The signs of spring are being revealed. Buds and bulbs are emerging, bird song fills the dawn and days are getting longer. As the clocks go forward and temperatures rise, we celebrate the power of light.

The Uplifting Power of Natural Light

Whether you enjoy walking, gardening or simply relaxing outside with a good book, lift your face to the sun and feel the warmth against your skin. Not only does it feel wonderful, but exposure to sunlight also offers many benefits to our bodies.

Sunlight can enhance our physical and psychological well-being. It has an uplifting impact, increasing our energy, positivity and productivity. Have you noticed that people tend to be friendlier on a bright, warm day?

Our bodies also need sunlight to produce a healthy supply of Vitamin D. This vital nutrient regulates our immunity and metabolism, making us less susceptible to illness. It also enhances the absorption of calcium and phosphorous, which improves bone health.

Whilst we need to protect our skin from painful sunburn, there are many benefits to getting outdoors. How will you choose to enjoy the sun?

Fuelling Healthy Growth

It’s not just humans who benefit from the sun’s rays. The plants in our gardens, our parks and the Organic House Skincare products also depend on this source of light.

Through the process of photosynthesis, plant cells convert the sunlight into energy which supports healthy growth. In the plant world, access to sunlight aids the development of strong stems, vibrant blooms and hardy foliage.

To maximise exposure, all plants grow towards the light in a process call phototropism. You may notice this with houseplants that angle towards the window.

Sunflowers and daisies are among the plants that take this a step further. In a process called Heliotropism, they elongate stem cells to change the direction of the flower head. This enables the flower to track the sun as it moves east to west through the sky. Nature is truly amazing!

Calming Candlelight

As the sun sets, we can continue to enjoy the positive benefits of light by lighting candles. Whether we are sat in the garden, relaxing on the sofa or lying in the bath candlelight offers soft illumination.

In a world where we are bombarded with constant visual stimuli, lighting luxury candles is equivalent to turning down the volume. The gentle flicker of the flame provides a meditative glow that promotes calm reflection and a sense of peace.

Naturally scented candles offer more than just light to transform your mood. The carefully selected aromas can aid relaxation or lift spirits. Our aromatherapy candles use natural ingredients that are known to not only smell delightful but also benefit our well-being.

Relax and Calm Candles

If you need to reset your sleep pattern, try a new evening ritual. An hour before you climb under the duvet, switch off all devices. Switch off the main lights, favouring lamps if you chose to read or craft.

Light an Organic House Skincare Peace and Calm candle , fragrant with vetiver, cedarwood and patchouli. These natural extracts were selected as they are known to ease anxiety, promote relaxation and offer a feeling of restfulness.

Scented Candles Evoke Memories

Our sense of smell is most closely linked to the memory, mood and emotional function in our brains. Inhaling the fragrance of a certain flower or scented candle can instantly transport you back in time. This connection between scent and memory will shape your love of certain scents. Are there aromas that remind you of a delicious meal, a wonderful holiday or a special person?

After the dark winter months, let’s all appreciate the joy of brighter days, longer evenings and the glow of candlelight.

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