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Did You Know Facial Massage is Anti-ageing?

Did You Know Facial Massage is Anti-ageing?

13th May 2019

Complement your natural skin products with facial massage and you will most likely be surprised by the results you see - and fast.

The benefits of body massage have been known for thousands of years as we discussed in our previous blog post.  However, regular facial massage can produce real results so please do try this at home.

Having a facial at a beauty salon is a lovely treat and many people choose to do this every few weeks. However, did you know that carrying out daily massage movements on the facial muscles can greatly improve muscle tone and skin health and give your skin a healthy glow. Couple this with your favourite facial product be it a cleanser or oil serum you should start seeing benefits in as little as a week. The massage helps to stimulate blood flow and tone the skin and muscles. The product you are using will also penetrate the skin efficiently.

Try the following massage technique - a few minutes is all you need. No gadgets required. You can carry out this self-massage using the cleanser step 1 and using the serum step 2 if you have time. However, if you lack time then just try the step 2 using the serum for a week every day preferably in the evening and you should see improvements. 

Using a Balm or Cream Cleanser

  1. We recommend either our Hot Cloth Balm Cleanser or the Soothing Cleanser in your palm and warm up gently. y
  2. The first step is to remove the make-up and cleanse the skin using gentle stroking, massage movements. With your fingers start at the base of your throat and sweep up over the chin and upwards over the lips and nose down the sides under the eyes, circle round then up over the nose between the eyes and outwards over the forehead and down. The sweep your fingers down towards the chin and repeat ideally 3 times.
  3. This step will concentrate on each facial area to deep cleanser, stimulate blood flow and open the pores. Apply more product if needed. Using the pads of your fingers massage in upward circular movements x 3 each area as follows - starting at the chin use upward circular motions x 3, then side of the mouth, then holding each side stroke the lips from left to right then right to left, then the cheeks, then the sides of the nose and over go round the eyes following the orbital bones and just under the brows, finishing at the forehead, massaging upwards and outwards.
  4. Finish with a sweep starting from the base of the throat, over the face and forehead.
  5. Take a hot flannel and remove the cleanser.

Using an Oil Facial Serum

  1. Now take a few drops of the serum into your hand and now we are going to take use just one finger of each hand as you find comfortable ring or middle finger and circular motions x 10 on each area as follows. 
  2. Chin
  3. Sides of the mouth and above the lips
  4. Under the eyes – as we get older the depleting collagen bone loss can develop hollows – gently massage this area
  5. The eyes – the smile line area
  6. Between the eyes on the forehead – the horizontal furrow area finishing over the forehead.

Finish with a few more drops to the skin as required. No need to wash off.

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