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About Us

papaya-coconut-oats-dsc-2310-crop-bright.pngOur Story


The person behind the brand is Annie. Being a mother led her on a journey of exploring natural skincare. It started with oats as an alternative to steroids for treating her daughter’s eczema and has grown from there.

She was inspired to set up a natural, organic skincare business as a complete advocate for reducing the amount of harsh chemicals and preservatives consumers are surrounded by in everyday life. She always read food labels and packaging on toiletries and worried about what our bodies absorb as by-products.

She first started experimenting with natural remedies when her baby daughter had sensitive skin with eczema which she treated by using natural oils and home-made skincare with oats. The eczema disappeared and has not returned. Some years later Annie herself developed a severe allergy to sulphates and other ingredients found in everyday household products. When she started suffering from swelling of the knuckles and fingers, she was advised by the family GP that this would be the beginning of osteoarthritis but she had her suspicions having had some knowledge of the side effects of certain ingredients thus stopped all use of harsh products in the house and used rubber gloves even when using eco-friendly products. Within a few weeks her hands returned to normal condition and the swelling disappeared. She certainly has not developed arthritis.

Organic House Skincare is an artisan producer of premium products..

..concentrated, effective formulas that produce results. 

Natural, organic brand that is unisex creating multi-functional products that are efficacious due to being packed with active ingredients. 


Our products are created in small batches using organic ingredients with proven benefits and the finished result is a range that is not only gentle on the external skin and internal system but also highly effective. Our skincare comes under 'cosmeceuticals' which means they contain active ingredients that make a difference to the skin. 

We use high quality, high performance *naturally derived, botanical, organic ingredients. Our formulas are put together thoughtfully with great attention to detail to create products that are safe, a pleasure to use, and effective in solving problems. Each ingredient in each product has earned its place for the way it complements the other ingredients and the effectiveness in the formula. We use only essential oils for fragrance and their therapeutic benefits, natural, soothing butters, vegetable and fruit oils that are anti-inflammatory and soothing to conditions such as irritation, eczema and psoriasis. We are passionate about producing products that do not contain harmful chemicals and unnecessary fillers that bulk up the volume or preservatives considered harmful and toxic that enabling products long shelf lives. Chemicals that are known skin irritants or to have long term harmful effects continue to be used by the toiletry industry.

Many products on the market that are sold as natural still contain synthetic ingredients. Others may contain botanical ingredients but in such tiny quantities that they are ineffective but can then be included for marketing purposes.

We create skincare without the use of skin irritants, harsh preservatives, synthetic perfume and other unnecessary chemicals.

Organic House is a kind, gentle and honest brand sensitive to the needs of families and individuals who want to surround their lives with *natural products.  Our aim is to help to eliminate harmful chemicals from households. 

Our products are created in the UK. We manufacture in small batches for good quality control and freshness. 

Organic House products are effective and multi-functional

Each product is packed with active ingredients having multiple benefits for your skin. Our products contain ingredients rich in anti-oxidants and are anti-inflammatory and anti-pollution. Naturally active ingredients benefit the skin in so many ways cleanse, nourish, moisturise, brighten, lift, firm, soothe all without harmful preservatives and harsh chemicals.

Our products are free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, sulphates, propylene glycol, phthalates, GMO, PEGs, TEA and DEA – and cruelty free. Tested only on humans. We do not test on animals.

The Organic House range is:


We use only essential oils for fragrance and in the process, capture their therapeutic benefits. 


Natural, plant-based butters and oils help moisturise and sooth. 


Our products are anti-inflammatory, which means they will help combat skin irritations and conditions such as eczema and psoriasis 


Pollution is one of the biggest causes of external disease and ageing and our special formulations work to protect the skin. 


most of our range is vegan and only tested on humans. 

Each Organic House product is packed with active ingredients and users will feel - and see - the benefits instantly. We believe nature has the antidote…


*Natural – there is an argument about what is natural as all raw ingredients go through some process too be extracted for use. Also arsenic is a natural ingredient that has the potential to kill. Therefore, what we mean is that we use natural ingredients with proven benefits and do not use synthetic ingredients known to be harmful to humans. As an example we have in our range 100% organic cotton and bamboo muslin cloths that are produced from plant to cloth using a safe process. (Please see muslin cloths for information). 

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